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- Bassem Youssef

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- Rone De Beauvoir

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- Laurie Schloff

- لوري شلوف

- Zach Miller

- زاك ميلر

- Chris Converse

- كريس كونفيرس

- Yasmina creates

- ياسمينا كرياتس

- Dr. Jason Anthony Allen

- دكتور جيسن أنتوني ألين

- Simon T. Bailey

- سايمن بايلي

- Brian Honigman

- براين هونيجمان

- Marshall Goldsmith

- مارشال جولدز سميث

- Matt Wilson

- مات ويلسن

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Machine learning


In the dramatically escalating technology revolution, the machine has not left an area of ​​human interest except and registered a strong ban in it. Although these machines vary in the degree of complexity in their work and performance on one side and in terms of their manufacture and design on the other side, they are subject in their formation and foundations to rules and information systems in which there is no room For error.

No of Lessons:4

Trainer: Hadelin De Ponteves

Course Duration: 5h 30m

No of Students: 216

Course Level: Advanced

Course Content

1. Introduction to artificial intelligence Lesson
2. Data processing Lesson
3. Building an automated model - simple Lesson
4. Building an automated prototype - several inputs Lesson

Course Duration: 5h 30m

No of Steps: 10

No of Attempts Available 2

No of Attempts Available Unlimited